What VIP services exist in Paris and Nice Airport ?

Whether you travel for business, with your family and simply for holiday, you may desire to benefit the best services Nice and Paris have to offer.

Alfred Travel operates in Paris at Charles de Gaulle airport, Orly Airport, Beauvais Airport and Le Bourget Airport. The company also serves Nice Airport.

What are the VIP Concierge services in Paris or Nice Airport available ?

Arrival : VIP Concierge service at Paris or Nice Airport

Step 1: Landing

At landing, an agent will welcome you at the aircraft door and accompany you to the border passport control.

Step 2 : Passport Control

At the passport check desk, you will benefit a fast Track line, with no waiting time. This service saves up to 45min one way trip per person. Once the border control is passed, our agent will lead you to the luggage area for pick-up.

Step 3 : Luggage Pick-up and Delivery Service The Alfred Agent will collect your luggage at the conveyor belt. From there, two options are offered in the next step.

Step 4 : Private Limousine and Chauffeur Option 1 : we organise a private limousine and load the taxi with your belongings.

Option 2 : you wish to carry one your travel without the burden of your luggage. We then organise a private limousine for you and a dedicated delivery service for your luggages that will be delivered at a place and hour of your choice.

During your stay: booking services

Visiting a new place can be overwhelming in terms of scheduling. If you wish some help designing or deciding on restaurants or activities, Alfred can help. Contact us on by emails and we can walk you through the best options that the cities have to offer.

Departure: VIP Concierge service at Paris or Nice Airport

Step 1: Leaving accommodation, Luggage pick-up and delivery Service

If you wish to enjoy your last day of travel free of your luggages and find them back right before entering the airport, Alfred will pick them up for your, wherever and whenever you decide. Alfred also offers a special service where we will propose a tailor-made itinirary for your last day, to visit as much as possible before take-off.

How does it work ? An Alfred agent meets you up at your accommodation and collect your belongings. We can help you arrange your day and the Alfred agent will meet you back-up to the airport before departure.

Step 2 : Fast checkin and border control

At the airport, another Alfred agent will lead you to your counter for checkin and to the border control, without the fuss of waiting. Later, they will guide you directly within the airport after security.

Step 3 : VIP lounge offer (optional) As an option, you can choose to wait within one of our partner VIP lounge, where drinks and meals will be available to you until boarding.

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