What VIP services exist in Paris and Nice Airport ?

Whether you travel for business, with your family and simply for holiday, you may desire to benefit the best services Nice and Paris have to offer.Alfred Travel operates in Paris at Charles de Gaulle airport, Orly Airport, Beauvais Airport and Le Bourget Airport. The company also se... Read More

Can a luggage be delivered from or to an Airport ?

luggage shipment service paris nice France
Some trips require us to travel heavy, with numerous luggage and oversized items. When this situation presents it self, not many options are available and the following question ariseCan luggage be delivered from or to an Airport ? Yes, services exist to deliver or transfe... Read More

How long does a luggage delivery takes in Paris or Nice ?

Luggage courrier or luggage transfer in Paris or Nice is the best alternative to luggage storage or private driver. In many cases, Alfred's customers requests their belongings to be delivered right away after pick-up to their accommodation, so they are free to enjoy the city and come back hom... Read More

Can uber deliver my luggage ?

Luggage transfer from one point to another in Paris or in Nice, is regulated by law. Companies like Alfred must have a special licence to transport and insure the belongings of customers. Therefore, there are a few rules that customer must be aware of.Here are the few commonly aske... Read More

How much does it costs to transfer luggage in Paris ?

If you are visiting Paris with your family or staying for a long duration, you may carry more luggages/suitcases that one or several taxi can embark. This is where Alfred becomes a suitable solution. How much does a luggage transfer costs from airport to Paris ... Read More
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