Alfred is committed to a few, but very important values

Customer Care, Sustainability, Service Level.
Is your little voice telling you that you have found the ideal Concierge and Luggage transport Partner in France ? Trust it, it's right.

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Service Level & Peace of Mind

100%Deliverability Rate. We delivered 100% of our services with success.
5 ⭐️Customer Service on our Google page
Up to 8 HoursThe number of hours you gain by using Alfred during your trip. YES, you save up to 1 day of holiday on average, how cool is that!!

Customer Care & Mutual Love

Our customers think we're cool, and we love it when they tell us so. This is why:

Only Humans will answer your questions (no robots!)

We want to give you the best, and it starts with having human beings on the line, when you need it most. Oddly, it is becoming less and less common. But hey, sometimes, old fashion is the new trend.

To us, every customer is unique

Because preparing a trip can be daunting, we want to make sure your journey is as smooth as possible. To do that, we treat every customer with great care. We work with you, all year round, to develop our services and with your feedback, we're getting better everyday !

We work 7/7 and answer between 24 to 48h max !

Contact our superb support team if you have any problems and from 9am to 5pm, they're in a great mood :) Our response time is usually 1 hour. And if it takes longer, it is because we are looking for solution to make your dream come true!

We are international (but mostly french)

Because your travel will take place in France, we are based in Paris with (almost) a view of the Eiffel Tower!
What's better than having a french customer service to handle your request AND speaking fluently English? A croissant would be better surely, but we definitely come second.


CSR Commitment & Living our Truth

Every month or so, we commit in finding an action to implement that will make a positive impact on #1 sustainability #2 working environment or #3 Local economic environment.
Here are the results on some of them !

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We Promote Train Usage. This is the percentage of customers who decide to take public transport once they have unloaded their luggage to us, instead of using a Taxi. Great no ?



For Group travel (From 6 luggage), bv filling every Luggage Van up to 70% of its loading capacity and bundling transport, we manage a positive impact of -153% CO2 emission compared to travelers transitting by Taxi or Coach instead train

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If we decide to partner up with a Supplier, we promote Local partners and companies less than 100 employees. Why ? Because, we want to keep the People and Customer Satisfaction in the center of our process, and we feel to achieve that goal we need to find partner that ressemble us : Ethical, Agile, Lean, Simple, Friendly.

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That is the number of "one off" consumables we allow in our company. We aim to create as little waste as possible. For instance, it means that our luggage labels are all re-usable, we do not print unless absolutely necessary and same goes with emails policy. We do not send or put anyone in cc of emails unless it is highly important.

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