Leisure: F.I.T and VIP

Bespoke packages for individual travelers.
Our Corporate package offers a personal, proactive service that benefits employees and the business.

Suitable for leisure or corporate travellers coming to France
Allow everyone to travel throughout France seamlessly
Improve the accessibility when visiting the favourite hotspots

Leisure: Groups

Our services include full planning of the transfer of your customers' luggage on arrival or departure. Ideal for people who want to start enjoying Paris from the minute they set foot in the city! Our group package helps everyone save precious time.

Adapted to groups from 10 to 200 people
Tailor-Made to your group travel dates
Package made specially for travel agents, tour operators, event managers and groups of friends!
Our prices are adapted to your requirements, ask for a quote now, at the bottom of the page!
Group Luggage Paris.jpg

MICE & Corporate

Optimise event logistics and alleviate the hassle of handling luggage and equipment!

Streamline the organisation of your events​
Reduce waiting times for your participants​
Eliminate waiting time at luggage lockers​
Delegate the transport of materials and equipment​

Hotels & Head of Concierge

Enhance guest satisfaction with our personalised service, which includes convenient luggage transfers to and from your hotel.

Adapted to hotels that want to create a remarkable experience for their customers.
Meet your guests' expectations and stand out from the competition.
Offers made specially for hotel managers, and head of concierge.
Luggage Concierge Paris.png

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