Our services include full planning of the transfer of your customers' luggage on arrival or departure. Ideal for people who want to start enjoying Paris from the minute they set foot in the city! Our group package helps everyone save precious time.

Adapted to groups from 8 to 500 people
Tailor-Made to your group travel dates
Package made specially for travel agents, tour operators, event managers and groups of friends!
Our prices are adapted to your requirements, ask for a quote now, at the bottom of the page!
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Corporate & Frequent Travellers

Bespoke packages for businesses.
Our Corporate package offers a personal, proactive service that benefits employees and the business.

Suitable for travellers flying to Paris for business purposes
Allow all business travellers to attend meetings and conference free of their bags.
Monthly memberships available for frequent travellers

Hotels & Short Term Rentals

Raise your guest's satisfaction by offering them a unique personalised service. We provide a luggage transfer service from the airport or train station, to your hotel / apartment. And vice versa!

Adapted to Parisian accommodations that want to create a remarkable experience for their customers.
Meet your guests' expectations and stand out from the competition.
Packages made specially for hotel managers, short-term rental owners and airbnb concierges.
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