What's in it for you?

Improve accessibility for your customers.

We take care of transporting your group's luggage while you take them to their hotels or activities and experiences

Organise their trip more freely

Picked up on arrival at airport or the train station (in front of the platforms), your customers' luggage will be waiting at their accommodation.

We take care of them at the Airport

Whether they arrive in Paris or are in transit, we take care of their luggage and pick them up on the airport carrousel!

Save time planning your trips:

We offer you between 3 to 6 hours of time saving for each trip organised. Forget about loading or unloading luggage, and reduce waiting times.

Reduce unforeseen events!​

Loss of luggage, or delayed delivery at the airport, we are a relay to your unforeseen events for the comfort of your customers. 100% customer satisfaction

Let Alfred take a load off your mind

What if your customers could travel freely?

Travel Hands-Free

Stop spoiling their holiday, having to lug their luggage around. It is time to be in the moment and enjoy every second of their time in France.

Liberate their Mind

You decide of the pick-up and delivery time and we adapt our movements according to your choices!

Let them Experience France Like a Local

Visit a museum, discover a new bar, wander around a park, check some concept stores... They are free of their luggage! Make the most of their time and let them live like a French would!

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Ready to free your customers of their luggage?

Book Alfred now!

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