What's in it for you?

Streamline the organisation of your events​

We collect your participants' and guests' luggage and deliver it to the accommodation or other venues, such as conference and/or seminar centres.

Reduce waiting times for your participants​

Picked up on arrival at airport or the train station (in front of the platforms), your customers' luggage will be waiting at their accommodation.

Save time planning your trips:

We offer you between 3 and 6 hours of time saving for each trip organised. Forget about loading or unloading luggage, and reduce the time spent on arrival.

Eliminate waiting time at luggage lockers​

Time wasted going to the hotel between events to drop off your belongings? We transport your luggage from the conference centres or seminar venues to your participants' hotels.

Delegate the transport of materials and equipment

If you need to set up a stand and have your equipment delivered, we are available at stations and airports to facilitate these transfers.

Ready to free your customers of their luggage?

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