How it works

2 flights with 2 different airlines, and the time is running out faster than expected.
No need to panic! Alfred is here!

Meet & Greet upon disembarking from the plane

Our Greeters welcome your travelers upon disembarking from the plane and will escort them towards the exit, and to their next terminal & departure gate.

Transfer of luggage from one plane to another

Whilst we accompany your travelers to their next flight, our team on the ground handles their check-in luggage.
We go to the arrival of the first flight to unload your travellers' luggage only.

Airport coordination and security procedures

After confirming that we have all the luggage, we proceed with airport procedures and border controls before loading the suitcases directly onto their next plane.

Seamless luggage retrieval at their final destination Airport

Travelers will easily locate their luggage on the carousel at their final destination airport. It's as straightforward as it sounds!

Seamless Customer Experience:

Let your customers enjoy their holidays by being bag-free and worry-free.

Meet & Greet upon disembarking from the plane
Fast track through customs (FIT only)
Assistance for the next flight procedures
Escort to the next terminal and departure gate, and to the lounge (if access is authorised)
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What's in it for you?

Offer a unique experience to your customers, and let them enjoy every second in France!

Offer a hassle-free travel experience
Provide best-in-class service for your travelers
Maximise your time and save you and your travelers even more!
Integrate our service into your offerings with ease

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