Exit the Airport 35 minutes after landing

Alfred provides a VIP meet & greet service inclusive of a luggage pick-up directly on the airport carousel, and a deliver it straight to your hotel.

Alfred is the only provider of this service in France!
100% safe and reliable
Available in all Parisian Airports
Meet & Greet at the airport included
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From the Aircraft to your Hotel or Residence

We have gone the extra mile to accompany you from the second you set foot in Paris with our 100% unique service!

Meet & Greet upon disembarking from the plane
Fast track at the border control
Collection of the luggage from the carrousel on your behalf (you do not need to wait for it!)
Escort to your private chauffeur
Delivery of your luggage to your hotel or residence
Premium insurance of €10,000
Possibility to store the luggage for a few days prior to the delivery

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