Enjoy a stress free holiday in Paris

From personal concierge, to tailor-made itineraries, and wonderful welcome kits : our local experts will take care of everything you need for your trip to Paris!
Find all you need and travel to Paris stress-free!

Instant Concierge Service

Your personal butler, on whatsapp. Available every day!

  • Unlimited Questions
  • Covers 99% of your requests
  • Get answers in 2 minutes
  • Contact anytime via Whatsapp
  • Valid for the duration of your whole trip
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Your Personalised Welcome Kit

The Best Parisian Guide for your Christmas Holiday!

From 15€/day
  • Delivered to your accommodation
  • Tailor-Made to your needs
  • Contains everything you need for your trip
  • Inclusive of 4G sim-cards for everyone to use
  • And much more!
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Itineraries and Themed Guides

Make the most of you shopping experience!

From 8€//itinerary
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Adapted to your interests
  • Created by Parisians
  • Includes custom made maps for walks
  • Contains the best local tips and recommendations!
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Ready to enjoy Paris as a local?

Get the service that suits you now, and travel stress-free!

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