How it works

Give us a call now at the following number: +33 6 70 24 42 05

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Get all the information ready, and give us a call!

Prior to the call, prepare :
#1 - Pick-up and Delivery adresses
#2 - The timeframe someone will be able to meet with our Driver on both ends
#3 - Number and approximate sizes & weight of your belongings

Call us now: +33 6 70 24 42 05
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We will get back to you within 1 hour

After we collected all your information by phone, we will look to dedicate a driver and a vehicle to your order. We will confirm by phone your order price and the feasibility of your transfer.

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Complete your order online through a dedicated link

If you are happy with the details, we will send you a link to place your order and to proceed with the payment

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