Can a luggage be delivered from or to an Airport ?

Some trips require us to travel heavy, with numerous luggage and oversized items. When this situation presents it self, not many options are available and the following question arise

Can luggage be delivered from or to an Airport ? Yes, services exist to deliver or transfer your belongings from and to a place of your choice. Alfred Travel for instance, will pick-up and deliver your luggage at the time and place of your choice, from paris or nice city center, to Nice or Paris Airport like CDG or Orly. Alfred travel can also assist on arrival in France, from airports to City Center.

What companies offer luggage delivery ?

You will find a few companies offering the service over the internet. How to make your choice among the available options is the question we will try to answer for you.

Can UPS or DHL send my bags ?

The first one that may show up on your screen is UPS or DHL like services.

These parcel companies will collect your luggage from home and deliver it to the destination of your choice, nationally or internationally.

This option is convenient to avoid the check-in process of your bags at airport during the time of your travel and it will be more cost effective than prices offered by airlines. The inconvenient, is the transit time for your delivery (not very flexible), the dates for pick-up that must be well calculated to get your belongings when you need them. This option is specifically destined to people moving abroad, that won't be on the move before and after their flight, so they can manage collection and delivery time table established with the parcel company. If that fits your needs, we recommend using

Can airlines send my bags ?

Yes, most airlines companies offer a luggage door-to-door shipment service to their customers. You can choose to have the pick-up organised from home and shipped to the carrousel at the airport destination of your trip, OR door-to-door at both ends.

It is a good compromise to choose from, when you don't want to be stuck at home waiting for a parcel company to deliver and to enjoy having your belongings at the airport destination, right at the end of your travel.

Nonetheless, the price for such service may be quite high. In addition, it always exists a chance that your luggage may get lost on the way to you or simply not be picked-up before flying out.

Can VIP concierge service send my bags ?

An alternative service has arrived on the market called VIP concierge service, like Alfred travel.

The service aims to marry the best of parcel deliveries and airlines deliveries world, into one fully integrated service.

VIP luggage shipment service like Alfred travel will collect your belongings the date, place and hour of your choice right before flying out and accompany you to the airport. From there, a dedicated agent will help you checking in thanks to a Fast track service through the airport, so you have an eye on your belongings at all times. Lastly, at the end of your travel, you will be able to choose between carrousel pick-up or door-to-door delivery with one of our partners (check what destinations is available by contacting us). Pricing is controlled, you are fully mobile we adapt to your and not the contrary (!) and reliability of the service is high as we limit number of order per Agent to to meet our service standard.


Yes, bags can be sent from and to airports in Nice or Paris. Between the different services offered to you, the biggest criteria will be the mobility and the price you are ready to pay travel free of your luggage.

Airlines and Parcel companies are mostly focused on door-to-door internal shipments and VIP Concierge service like Alfred Travel are positioned on full mobility for the travelers.

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