Can uber deliver my luggage ?

Luggage transfer from one point to another in Paris or in Nice, is regulated by law. Companies like Alfred must have a special licence to transport and insure the belongings of customers. Therefore, there are a few rules that customer must be aware of.

Here are the few commonly asked questions about luggage door to door delivery in France.

Can I send my luggage unacompanied through a taxi or Uber like companies ?

It is not possible to send unaccompanied items through a taxi company, unless this company holds a merchandise transport licence allowing it to do so. In case the company accepts an order without the licence, be aware that the company is out of law and no insurance are issued for the service in case luggage are lost or damaged. Simingly, if the driver during transfer is arrested by the police, the luggage may be taken away as no authorisation has been issued and the luggage is considered as a hazardous object.

Who can deliver luggages in Paris or Nice Door-to-Door ?

Many companies can move items from one place to another : DHL, Fedex, etc. However, when it comes to luggage, the choice of the company may become tricky.

Most courrier company like DHL, use a standard supply chain. The minimum delivery delay is usually 24h to 48h as your luggage is considered like any other parcel. The other constraint is the weight and dimension of your belongings. Courrier company usually have a maximum size and weight, that ofthen do not meet travellers need. In case you need to transport oversized items like Golf Clubs and Snow board, these companies may not meet your requirements in terms of price and service level.

This is where Alfred offers a unique service. We specialised in luggage transfer from airport, train-station or from Home, in Paris and Nice, and deliver it wherever and whenever you need. and Vice versa. We can arrange for a driver to follow you with your luggage or delay the delivery at a convenient time for you. We do handle fragile items, oversized equipment or standards suitcases/bags. like any courrier company, we onboard a tracking system to know at all time where the luggages are.

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