How long does a luggage delivery takes in Paris or Nice ?

Luggage courrier or luggage transfer in Paris or Nice is the best alternative to luggage storage or locker. In many cases, Alfred's customers requests their belongings to be delivered right away after pick-up to their accommodation, so they are free to enjoy the city and come back home whenever they feel like, with their luggage waiting for them. One question is often asked to us.

How long does a luggage delivery takes ? Luggage delivery from door to door in Paris or Nice can be as short as 30min up to 3 hours. It will mostly depends on the location of the pick up and drop off, in addition to the traffic of course.

The minimum duration of a luggage delivery cannot be set in advance, and is time sensitive to the order itself. The maximum duration however is completely up to the customers. Alfred offers storage for a few hours or a few days before door-to-door delivery.

Minimum time required for  luggage delivery

At Alfred, we offer a direct delivery from the moment we pick-up your belongings to drop-off location. For every booking, we will be confirming the feasibility of your order and advise what can be done in terms of service level. We aim for 100% satisfaction rate and thus, will remain honest with what is possible or not. In most cases, minimum duration for delivery is found to be an hour and a half in Paris, and in Nice.

Maximum duration between pick-up and luggage delivery

Sometimes, it is convenient for our customer to leave their luggages to us for a few hours (from 7 am to 4pm when the accommodation check-in opens for example) or a few days (during flight hoping in Europe).

Therefore, there is no maximum duration so to say. Alfred has at heart to offer as much freedom as possible to the customers.

Opening hours and days of the service

Alfred offers its services 7/7, from 5am to 10pm. However, you should think about booking 48 hours in advance. The other option for a quick pick up is to contact us by email, we respond quickly.

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