How to Prepare Your Trip to the 2024 Olympics in Paris

For the first time in a hundred years Paris will be hosting the 2024 Olympics, and I am so looking forward to it! There is still plenty of time to prepare; but I want to make sure I get the opportunity to attend at least one event! 

New sports will be introduced to the Paris Olympics, and looking at the first information published, the Olympic Committee is preparing for a sensational event for us to enjoy! 

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your trip to the 2024 Olympics in Paris! 

When Is Paris Olympics 2024 Taking Place? 

The Paris Olympic Games will take place from 26 July until 15 August 2024. And the Paralympic Games will be held between 28 August until 8 September 2024.  

Put the dates down in your calendar! It’s coming soon, and your planning is about to begin! 

Where Will the Paris Olympics Be Taking Place? 

The Olympic Committee is working hard to make the Games the most accessible possible. That means that a lot of competitions will be happening right in the centre of Paris, or in memorable locations. 

How to organise your trip to Paris during the Olympics and where the events will take place
Place de la Concorde – Picture: Paris 2024

For example:  

  • Equestrian events will be in the Versailles Castle 
  • The tennis in Roland Garros stadium 
  • Basketball 3×3, breaking dancing, BMX freestyle and Skateboard right next to the Champs Elysées on the Place de la Concorde 
  • Beach volleyball, judo and wrestling near the Eiffel Tower 
  • Fencing and Taekwondo in the Grand Palais 
  • And as a surprise, the surfing will be in Tahiti!  

Below is a map of all the sites that will host Olympic competitions. Click here for a larger view of the map.

map of the Olympic venues
Map of the Olympic Venues – Picture: Paris 2024

Check The Events You Want to See  

Knowing Paris and the surroundings will host more than 500 sport events in a short period of time, the first thing you want to do is check what events or sports you are most interested in; because you won’t be able to attend them all obviously.  

For me, the Olympics is the occasion to discover or see completely new sports. Having played tennis for more than 20 years, I will for example probably avoid going to the tennis tournament. And I will select a different type of sport. One that doesn’t necessarily take place in France often, or one that I have never had the chance to follow closely.  

Out of them all I narrowed down my selection to 4 sports, which may sound very random to you: fencing, horsing, breakdancing, and Basketball 3×3. I am not familiar with any of these sports, and I usually only watch them during Olympics.  

I see the Paris Olympics as a unique opportunity for me to watch one of them live! 

Then, I am also looking at where the events will take place based on the map shared above. Some of the locations look absolutely stunning for hosting a sporting event! That’s why I have picked the sports mentioned above. Their locations played an important role in my selection process.  

Even though I am not a huge fan of horsing, seeing it in the Versailles Castle is quite historic and will be very unique!  

Finally, I also paid careful attention to the overall atmosphere around the sports. I am guessing that breakdancing will be super fun and cheerful. Where fencing is a quieter sport but very suspenseful.  

I want to live the Olympics from the inside; and get a grip of the sports atmosphere themselves so I can fully enjoy my experience.  

The dates for each sport have been released and can be found here. The schedule is very detailed and gives also information on when finals will take place (in yellow), as well as finals for the 3rd place or Bronze medal (in a bronze colour). Finally, the table gives me clear dates for each competition, and definitely helps me planning my trip properly!

How to attend the Paris 2024 Olympics? 

Get your Tickets

The tickets for the Paris Olympics in 2024 will be sold during the first half of 2023.  

And it seems that 13 million of the tickets will be available for the public. From what we have heard; the Olympic committee is trying to keep the price of the tickets affordable for everyone; as a result prices will start from 24€.

Below is further information we know about prices: 

  • The tickets will be given based on a lucky draw 
  • That means you will have to subscribe in advance online 
  • Subscription for “ticket packages lucky draw” : end 2022. It refers to people who will buy tickets for more than one singular event 
  • February 2023: the lucky draw for the packages will take place. 
  • May 2023: a second lucky draw will take place for people who want to purchase single tickets 
  • End 2023: Closure of all purchasing opportunities 

Based on this, we know that people who will buy tickets for multiple events will be favoured. But we are unsure yet how the price packages will be split. And if that will only refer to VIP packages or not.  

There is one piece of information I am sure about: I CAN’T WAIT! 

Be a volunteer 

You can sign up to be a volunteer at the Paris Olympics! The organisation committee is looking to hire around 35,000 to 45,000 to help in the organisation of the Olympic Games; not just in Paris, but wherever the Games will take place: Versailles, Bordeaux, Marseille and even Tahiti!  

The criteria for being a volunteer has not been completely defined yet. But we do know that you have more chances of being selected if you speak different languages. And if you are available for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  

Beach volleyball player playing in front of Eiffel Tower for Paris 2024 Olympic Games

The candidates will be able to apply for the job in February 2023 on this website. And the selection process will take place between April 2023 until September 2023.  

The jobs are unpaid, and the types of mission will vary. You can be assigned in a specific sport area, in the journalist centre, at the ticketing offices, and so on.  

It’s a one in a lifetime opportunity to live the Olympic Games from the inside!  

What to Expect from the Opening Ceremony of the Paris Olympics 2024? 

The opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic games promises to be memorable! For the first time ever, it will take place outside of a stadium and will be held along the Seine, in the heart of Paris! 

The first pictures of the opening ceremony look absolutely amazing! And it will give the chance to no less than 600 000 people to enjoy the show by the bank of Seine! 

The athletes will parade on the Seine, by boat. And the 2,500 athletes will sail from the Austerlitz bridge to the Iéna bridge.  

Paris 2024 - Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games - Seine River
Paris 2024 – Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games – Seine River – Picture: Paris 2024

In the meantime, dancers, artists and performers will entertain the entirety of the banks of the Seine by putting shows on in different locations such as: the Trocadero, the Concorde square, and many more! 

I have a feeling that the tickets for the Opening ceremony will be sold out in a split second. But I am going to give it a try anyway – fingers crossed! 

Start Getting Excited 

The Olympic Games are a unique opportunity to discover a wonderful atmosphere, meet new people but with that said, you’ll still want to do some basic preparations beforehand.  

First, make sure you don’t double book yourself for August 2024. It sounds silly but we are never too far from a work event, a friend’s wedding, or any other big birthday party that may happen at the same time!  

Enjoy prepping for your trip! You may even consider joining the Club 2024 and participate in the monthly challenges to put yourself into the Olympics mindset! Apparently, signing up for the Club 2024 will also give you more chances to have tickets! So go for it!  

Olympic Games Paris 2024 in Chateau de Versailles - Equestrian events - Picture: Paris 2024
Olympic Games Paris 2024 in Chateau de Versailles – Equestrian events – Picture: Paris 2024

Apply for Your Visa 

If you are coming from a country that is not part of the European Union or the Schengen Area, you may need a visa to come to Paris.  

The visa application can take months depending on where you are coming from. I recommend you start the process a few months in advance to avoid any potential issues. 

Bear in mind you won’t be the only one applying for a visa for the 2024 Olympics. The best is to check on your embassy website what the process is and follow it carefully.  

It would be a shame having to cancel your trip to Paris, just because of a visa issue!  

Book Your Flight or Train Ticket 

Paris can be reached by air through the three different airports: Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais. But you may also consider booking a train if you are coming to France from a nearby country.  

You will find more information about your travels from the airport to the city centre on this article.  

If you have a long-haul flight ahead of you, that means you will have to face the jet lag when you arrive. Bear in mind you won’t be super energetic on the day you arrive. Thus, you may want to take that into consideration when booking your flight tickets and organising your trip. 

On the other hand, if you are coming from London, the Eurostar is a great alternative as you will arrive right in the city centre.  

And Thalys operates trains from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. They are generally very fast and convenient.  

A lot of people will be coming to Paris for the Olympics. As a result, the tickets will probably be more expensive than usual. The earliest you book your flight or train ticket the better. I would recommend you looking at your different options at least 8 months before the event!  

Book Your Hotel or Airbnb for the Paris 2024 Olympics

You have got your ticket for the events, your flight is booked, now you will need to book your hotel or Airbnb. If you have doubts about booking one or another, you can read our article about the type of accommodation available in Paris. That will help you booking the right one for your trip to Paris.  

I recommend booking an accommodation that provides free cancellation, just in case.  

We expect a lot of roads to be blocked and not accessible by car or taxis during the Olympic Games considering some events will take place in the city and in the near suburb. Your best option will be to book an accommodation that is walking distance to the metro, to ensure you can navigate easily through Paris.  

You can also book accommodation by the Seine and commute via Batobus, which is a great option during the Summer!  

Learn About Paris and What to Do While There 

You will want to decide whether you are coming solely for the Olympic Games. Or if you are also interested in visiting the city whilst you’re here.  

Paris is a wonderful city to visit, especially in August. You may want to make the most out of your trip by also planning visits to the main landmarks such as Orsay or Louvre Museums, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, etc.  

That’s where the section below will be critical for your planning. Read on to make the most of your trip.  

Make A Plan for Each Day and Book the Essentials 

You can book the luggage delivery service on arrival and / or departure, to enjoy every minute of your trip to Paris. Knowing Paris will be busy, and the same will happen in hotels, Airbnb’s, etc.; Alfred will be the best placed to keep your luggage safe and out of sights of anyone!  

Get Excited Again! 

The Olympic Games are taking place in 2024 but most of the key milestones in terms of planning, getting tickets, booking accommodation, etc will have to be completed in early – mid 2023.  

By planning far ahead, you will be able to find more opportunities that align with your travel plans.  

And by the time the Olympic comes, you will be more than ready, and the only thing you will have left to do is: ENJOY! 

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